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See All The Benefits & Services Our Platform Offers And How it Can Help Your Personal & Business Growth.
Price: $10.
Can Be Used as a Platform to Help Your Business Grow And Save on Operating Expenses. (You'll See More Information About This Below).
Can Be Used to Enhance CrowdFunding Projects. You keep 100% of All Revenues Generated. It Can Also Be Used With Other Crowdfunding Platforms For Added Revenues.
Can Be Used to Monetize Your Fans & Followers From Any Social Network. One of the Reasons People Will Follow YOU in Our Program is so They Too Can Monetize THEIR Fans & Followers!
Can Be Used as a "Franchise" Type Platform. Example: Let's Say You Own a Pizza Place. By Introducing Other Pizza Places to Office Destiny,™ In Effect, You're Getting a "Piece" Of Their Action. You Could Literally Profit From Thousands Of Other Businesses!
Can Be Used as a "Fund Raising" Platform For Non-Profit Organizations And Causes. Example: Businesses And Business People. Instead of Offering "Candy" or a "Raffel Ticket" to Raise Money, Offer Them Something of Great Value They Can Actually Use For Their Business! Candy Bars? That's a One-time Sale. Office Destiny,™ is The Gift That Keeps on Giving! 
Department Of Jobs ... (Coming Soon). Office Destiny™ Subscribers Can Advertise Employment Opportunities at No Cost. Employers Can Save Hundreds Of Dollars. Thanks, Monster, Indeed & Zip Recruiter, We'll Take it From Here.
Radio, TV or Podcaster? Not Only Could You Use The Benefits & Services, But if You Advertise Office Destiny™ On Some Of Your Un-Sold Airtime, You Could Build an Added Revenue Stream. If You Introduce Other Media And They Purchase Office Destiny,™ You Get Paid on That Sale Plus Other Retail Sales From Their Organization.
Become a News RockStar. Everybody Wants to Become a "Rock Star" in Their Own Niche, Right? Promote Your Business With Our Unique Social Network. Upload Videos, Pictures Audios And Other Content so People Can Follow You And Learn About Your Business.
Real Estate Agent? Use Our Platform to Promote Your Properties. And, If You Introduce Other Real Estate Agents And They Purchase Office Destiny,™ You Get Paid on That Sale Plus Other Retail Sales From Their Organization.
Insurance Agent? Have Your Clients Follow You so They Can Have "Instant" Updated information on Their Insurance Needs. If You Introduce Other Insurance Agents And They Purchase Office Destiny,™ You Get Paid on That Sale Plus Other Retail Sales From Their Organization.
Ride Sharing Driver? How Would Like to Have a AAA+ Rating for YOU as a Driver? And Have All The Other Benefits & Services, Plus, If You Introduce Other Drivers And They Purchase Office Destiny,™ You Get Paid on That Sale Plus Other Retail Sales From Their Ride-Share Organization.
Business Owner? Of Course, ANY Business Should be Using Our Program. But Depending on The Business You have, Office Destiny™ Might be a Great Promotion For Your Customers, And, Think About The Additional Revenue Stream You Could Have.
Celebrities (Local & National) Have a Strong Social Media Presence? Using Our Platform Can Help Expotenialize The Process Of Being Monetized. If You Introduce Fans And Other Celebrities to Our Program And They Purchase Office Destiny,™ You Get Paid on That Sale Plus Other Retail Sales From Their Viral Outreach™ Organization.
AAA+ Rating. Now YOUR business will have a guaranteed AAA+ Rating from the "Business Chamber Of Commerce" with its 19-year track record. Automatic approval once you sign-up for the Office Destiny™ paid subscription.
Free Payroll Services. Get a multitude of FREE payroll services for up to 25 employees. If you have more than 25 employees, there's a small fee. This is PERFECT for small businesses and startups! NOT a trial-period. It's free.
Top Secret Boss. Are you familiar with the CBS Hit TV Show, Undercover Boss? ... If not, it's where CEOs go "undercover" to find out what's really going on in their company and how to make improvements. It costs somewhere around $1 MILLION DOLLARS to be featured on that TV Show. Use Top-Secret Boss™ and it costs you nothing!
Reverse Negotiating. This system allows the customer to CLOSE YOU, thereby creating MORE sales for your product or service. People decide for themselves to purchase your product or service, rather than being convinced to buy. They tell you, how the deal is going be!
How to Cold-Call, Without Cold-Calling. Learn this technique in minutes. Works over 90% of the time. Great for getting past the "gatekeeper." Now you can completely eliminate any fear or hesitation about cold calling.
Teach What You Know and Build Your Local BusinessThis unique process can be done quickly and makes you the "trusted authority" in your area of expertise (locally). Teach at local colleges and more. No teachers degree required.
How to Tout Your Website, Social Handle & Media Interviews Correctly For Your BusinessDid you know that 90% of people are doing it wrong? And, it's costing businesses thousands of dollars in lost revenue.
Let the Department of Jobs help you to get employeesTired of paying hundreds of dollars on employment ads? Now you'll be able to run ads seeking employees completely free. Offer as many jobs as you want for any period of time. COMING SOON.
Imagine saving an average of 22% on all types of business products and servicesMajor retailers and more.
FREE Discount Medical ProgramThe program is where people receive discounts at Hospitals, Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors, Vision Centers, Pharmacies and more. Normally, these programs cost anywhere from $19.95 to $29.95 per month, per person. Now you can give ALL your employees this program at NO cost to you or the employee.
Over 92 Web-Based TV CommercialsYou'll have a license to use those commercials for your business. Each commercial is in an MP4 format. Covers many types of businesses.
News RockStar. Think - Twitter For Business. Everyone wants to be a Rock Star in their own niche, right? At last! You'll be able to monetize your fans and followers from any Social Network.
Whale Of An Idea. Think - Shark Tank! Except, it's not the judges that determine your success, but rather, it's the audience that determines your success. So if you're seeking accredited investors, partners, joint ventures, licensing deals, product placement, customers, loans, sponsors or more interviews about your product, service or business model, You'll like Whale Of An Idea.™ Use our logo in your video presentation.
Expert Advice in Realtime. Have a problem with a certain aspect of your business? Or, it could be a plumbing, gardening, automotive or computer problem. Many categories. Get the attention you need "LIVE" in minutes via your smartphone to solve problems.
5-Star Dining Rated. Totally disrupts restaurant "critics." Guaranteed approval for ANY restaurant in the World. This rating system doesn't depend on things like food critics, your chef or cook having a bad day or having to payoff somebody. 100% verified to be a true process. Increases revenues. COMING SOON.
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Price to Purchase Office Destiny™ Subscription. $10 Per-Month.
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